Why A CT Scan Is Better Than An X-Ray

If you have any internal problems like a pain in your spines or in your chest, when you visit a doctor the very first thing your doctor would ask you to do is get an X-ray done. An X-ray is nothing but a radiography technique that takes images of your body that cannot be seen with the naked eye. You are asked to stay still while the X-ray machine passes radiations through your body that prints the image on a thin film. This thin film can then be seen against the light to determine where the problem lies within your body. X-ray is not a timeworn invention but has revolutionized the medical field nevertheless. It is the most used imaging technique today in the medical field, and many a problems have been detected as well as treated every day with the help of X-ray.

What is Computed Tomography?

The above is a brief description of what is X-ray and now to understand how CT scan is better than X-ray, you need first to know what a Computed Tomography (CT in short) scan is.


Computed Tomography is a modern imaging technique that is the amalgamation of X-ray along with computerized mechanisms. Incorporating computers with the X-ray technique ensures much better image quality and also cross-sectional as well as more comprehensive images. For getting a CT scan done too, you would have to be motionless. But unlike X-rays, you would need to lie down on a table whereby you would be moved slowly inside a cylindrical chamber. The X-ray machine would then slowly move all around you to take pictures from all directions. The end image would be a combination of all these images.

How is CT scan better than an X-ray?

Computed Tomography scan is a more sophisticated and more developed form of X-ray that provides a clearer picture of the internal organs. With CT scans, these days it is much easier to detect any tumors or any kinds of problems inside the body as well as get the precise location of the problem as well. While X-ray would give you an idea of what exactly is wrong, and the location where it is wrong inside your body, a CT scan would tell you the exact location and the exact kind of problem you have. A CT scan examination is a much better way to study the internal organs, tissues, tumors or any outside objects that needs to be operated on or needs to be brought out of the system.

Hence, from small and regular problems, most doctors recommend an X-ray, if the problem is bigger and more complex, a CT scan would be a better way for detection of any internal problems. Usually, a doctor would suggest X-ray first, since it is not only cheaper but also simpler. But if an X-ray is not enough, a CT scan would surely help in diagnosing the problems. Being computerized and more advanced, as well as a modernized version of X-ray, CT scan is better than X-ray for diagnostic purposes.

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