How Sick Do I Have To Be Before I Can Get A Doctor Excuse?

Almost every organization, private or government, has the provision of sick leave that is considered as excused absence. Usually, you can take a sick leave if you are unable to attend work but there are no standards or levels of sickness. That is to say that if you are wondering how sick you would have to be before you can get sick leave, there are no set rules. But there are, of course, the numbers of days provisioned that you would be able to take off as sick leaves. That is to say that you can take these days off as paid sick leaves. If you need more leaves over and above, those can be taken as unpaid sick leaves.

Get a fake doctor note

f40It is also possible to get sick leaves even if you are not sick. After all, why let the leaves be wasted when you can enjoy off days doing what you love? You can easily get fake doctor excuse that is over the Internet. Such a fake doctor excuse comes complete with letterheads and signature of doctors such that no one would be able to find out that it is not real. If you know a doctor personally, you can arrange for such notes without any hassle whatsoever. But even if you do not know anyone who would write a fake sick excuse for you, the Internet is there to bail you out.

There are several methods on how to obtain a doctor’s note. You can get it from a real doctor, which is the hardest one, buy from online sellers, or fake an existing note that was used before. The last one is the worst thing to do. But if you have some good skills, you might find this method the most effective. Why? because these are real notes.

In the case of faking a doctor’s note, you would, of course, have to consider the number of days you would like to take leave and make an excuse based on that. For instance, you cannot take a ten-day leave citing a sore throat as the reason. Acquiring a medical practitioner’s note is an uprising issue whether doctors are behind its distribution or not.

If you are sick for real

Since many people take advantages of the paid sick leaves and apply for the leaves with fake doctor’s note, when you have a severe illness it gets difficult to get leave. For example, many organizations recruit their in-house doctor and to get paid sick leaves you would require the note of that doctor only. Because many people fake their sicknesses, some organizations have strict rules regarding sick leaves such that you cannot get sick leave unless you are seriously ill. This means that suppose you have a headache that is almost killing you, but it might not be granted as a serious illness, and you might not get an off day.

I think it’s reasonable for companies and employers to be strict regarding sick leaves. However, I also believe that employees deserve that extra day off without the hassle of salary deduction. Good thing just might help you in such situations. This website will help you analyze which medical excuse template is best to use and to avoid further problems and issues.

Medical excuse template
Dr.’s notes for work

This is the purpose why you need to be extremely careful while taking your sickness to get the consent of absence from your work or your university. It is suited to take days off from work and studies once in a while and to let the sick leaves be wasted would be such a shame. Hence take the sick leaves with fake doctor excuses but make very sure that the excuses are fool proof like the surgeon’s note, so that no one can understand you are actually faking your illness to get days off from work.

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