Do Most Companies Still Give Paid Sick Days?

Getting paid sick leaves is not only an advantage that you get but it is a right that you should have. The human body is not a mechanism and hence can get sick at any given point of time. When you are serving your organization, it is their responsibility as well as duty too to take care of you as well. Giving you paid sick days is the minimum your organization can do for you in exchange for your hard work and loyalty. While most organizations all over the world still have the idea of paid sick leaves, there are a few groups that deny this fundamental labor right. Make sure you work in an organization that offers this benefit to their employees.

Even universities and colleges have the concept of sick leaves that although not paid sick leaves, but nonetheless falls under the category of excused absences.

How to receive the benefit of paid sick leave?


If your organization offers the benefit of paid sick leaves, you should receive the benefits. Even if you are not sick why let the leaves get wasted? You can take sick leaves once in a while to enjoy some time off from work and by doing what you like. It is after all also important to rejuvenate your mind and relax you’re stressed out soul. In a way by taking sick leave, even though you are not seriously ill, would help you to recover from the daily stress of work pressure. If you are wondering how to go possibly about taking a sick leave without being ill, know that many people all over the world do it and that too quite quickly. Read on to understand how one can reap the benefits of paid sick leaves as well.

Get fake doctor’s note to apply for paid sick leaves

If you are looking to get your paid sick leaves without being sick at all, you can do so by applying for the leaves with a fake doctor’s note. If you have a doctor who you know personally and who would write a false note as a favor to you, there can be nothing better. But even if you do not know such a doctor, it does not mean that your sick leaves would be wasted. The Internet is your savior. There are many blogs and websites from where you would be able to get fake doctor’s note quickly enough, without much hassle. There are a few sites where you can get fake doctor notes for sick leaves complete with letterheads as well as signature of real doctors. All you got to do is get a printed copy of the same, and you would be ready to enjoy your off days from work.

To reap the benefits of paid sick leaves, you have to make sure that you join an organization that provides this benefit to its employees. Since this is a very basic right, ensure your organization offers this benefit before you join.


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