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Exercise is essential to your health. This must be done properly and regularly. But how many times should you work out? Know the answer in the next video.

How Sick Do I Have To Be Before I Can Get A Doctor Excuse?

Almost every organization, private or government, has the provision of sick leave that is considered as excused absence. Usually, you can take a sick leave if you are unable to attend work but there are no standards or levels of sickness. That is to say that if you are wondering how sick you would have to be before you can get sick leave, there are no set rules. But there are, of course, the numbers of days provisioned that you would be able to take off as sick leaves. That is to say that you can take these days off as paid sick leaves. If you need more leaves over and above, those can be taken as unpaid sick leaves.

Get a fake doctor note

f40It is also possible to get sick leaves even if you are not sick. After all, why let the leaves be wasted when you can enjoy off days doing what you love? You can easily get fake doctor excuse that is over the Internet. Such a fake doctor excuse comes complete with letterheads and signature of doctors such that no one would be able to find out that it is not real. If you know a doctor personally, you can arrange for such notes without any hassle whatsoever. But even if you do not know anyone who would write a fake sick excuse for you, the Internet is there to bail you out.

There are several methods on how to obtain a doctor’s note. You can get it from a real doctor, which is the hardest one, buy from online sellers, or fake an existing note that was used before. The last one is the worst thing to do. But if you have some good skills, you might find this method the most effective. Why? because these are real notes.

In the case of faking a doctor’s note, you would, of course, have to consider the number of days you would like to take leave and make an excuse based on that. For instance, you cannot take a ten-day leave citing a sore throat as the reason. Acquiring a medical practitioner’s note is an uprising issue whether doctors are behind its distribution or not.

If you are sick for real

Since many people take advantages of the paid sick leaves and apply for the leaves with fake doctor’s note, when you have a severe illness it gets difficult to get leave. For example, many organizations recruit their in-house doctor and to get paid sick leaves you would require the note of that doctor only. Because many people fake their sicknesses, some organizations have strict rules regarding sick leaves such that you cannot get sick leave unless you are seriously ill. This means that suppose you have a headache that is almost killing you, but it might not be granted as a serious illness, and you might not get an off day.

I think it’s reasonable for companies and employers to be strict regarding sick leaves. However, I also believe that employees deserve that extra day off without the hassle of salary deduction. Good thing just might help you in such situations. This website will help you analyze which medical excuse template is best to use and to avoid further problems and issues.

Medical excuse template
Dr.’s notes for work

This is the purpose why you need to be extremely careful while taking your sickness to get the consent of absence from your work or your university. It is suited to take days off from work and studies once in a while and to let the sick leaves be wasted would be such a shame. Hence take the sick leaves with fake doctor excuses but make very sure that the excuses are fool proof like the surgeon’s note, so that no one can understand you are actually faking your illness to get days off from work.

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Is Orange Juice Really Good For Your Health?

There is no fixed time structure as to when you should commence taking care of your health. And there is no point of time that is early enough to start a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your health is not the same thing as taking care of your figure. You can be very thin yet superbly healthy and also quite fat but with a strong health. Regardless of how you appear, if you were healthy you would be happy and if you were happy you would automatically look good. Hence for everything in your life to be smooth and healthy, start taking care of your health at once.

Good health is not that easy to achieve, but it is not that difficult either. All you would need is discipline. Eat healthy, drink lots of fluids and exercise regularly; this is all it takes to be healthy.

Include fruit juices in your meal

Diet is a crucial part of health and hence you should make sure you include food as well as drinks that are packed with nutrients into your everyday diet. Maintaining your body hydrated throughout the day is as essential as feeding your body with food. Drinking water can be monotonous after a while and so you can add fruit juices into your diet. Among all the fruit juices, orange juice and health are closely connected since oranges are not only packed with good nutrients, but orange juice is extremely delicious as well. The vitamin C is orange juice would keep many an illnesses as bay while also keeping your body hydrated. Vitamin C is also identified as beneficial for your skin and hair such that you would not only be fit but also remain naturally beautiful.

Orange juice is the tasty way to stay healthy

Orange juice is not only a delicious way to stay fit and strong but it is also easy to prepare, if you desire to make your orange juice at home. Oranges are naturally very juicy fruits and hence you do not require working hard to make juice from oranges. Just put two three oranges into the juicer, and you have a delicious drink after your workout or to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Since orange juice is the most preferred and the most taken fruit juice of all, you would also get plenty of options for packaged orange juices as well. But make sure that the packaged orange juice you buy does not contain any artificial ingredients. It is however best to your orange juice at home or better still, eat the whole fruit.

It has been shown over the years that having a glass of fruit juice every day if you cannot have a whole fruit, would keep your healthy for long. And if the fruit juice were something as delicious as an orange juice, you surely would not mind having it every day. When staying healthy is so tasty, why wait at all? Start your journey towards good health at once.

Other than juices or any other healthy food, the best way to stay healthy is to avoid stress and lack of sleep. To do so, you might need to learn how to fake a doctor’s note and leave work or class sometimes to recover from overtimes you had spent previously. This will definitely give you enough rest where your body can strengthen itself again. Learn to print your very own fake doctor’s excuse from


Do Most Companies Still Give Paid Sick Days?

Getting paid sick leaves is not only an advantage that you get but it is a right that you should have. The human body is not a mechanism and hence can get sick at any given point of time. When you are serving your organization, it is their responsibility as well as duty too to take care of you as well. Giving you paid sick days is the minimum your organization can do for you in exchange for your hard work and loyalty. While most organizations all over the world still have the idea of paid sick leaves, there are a few groups that deny this fundamental labor right. Make sure you work in an organization that offers this benefit to their employees.

Even universities and colleges have the concept of sick leaves that although not paid sick leaves, but nonetheless falls under the category of excused absences.

How to receive the benefit of paid sick leave?


If your organization offers the benefit of paid sick leaves, you should receive the benefits. Even if you are not sick why let the leaves get wasted? You can take sick leaves once in a while to enjoy some time off from work and by doing what you like. It is after all also important to rejuvenate your mind and relax you’re stressed out soul. In a way by taking sick leave, even though you are not seriously ill, would help you to recover from the daily stress of work pressure. If you are wondering how to go possibly about taking a sick leave without being ill, know that many people all over the world do it and that too quite quickly. Read on to understand how one can reap the benefits of paid sick leaves as well.

Get fake doctor’s note to apply for paid sick leaves

If you are looking to get your paid sick leaves without being sick at all, you can do so by applying for the leaves with a fake doctor’s note. If you have a doctor who you know personally and who would write a false note as a favor to you, there can be nothing better. But even if you do not know such a doctor, it does not mean that your sick leaves would be wasted. The Internet is your savior. There are many blogs and websites from where you would be able to get fake doctor’s note quickly enough, without much hassle. There are a few sites where you can get fake doctor notes for sick leaves complete with letterheads as well as signature of real doctors. All you got to do is get a printed copy of the same, and you would be ready to enjoy your off days from work.

To reap the benefits of paid sick leaves, you have to make sure that you join an organization that provides this benefit to its employees. Since this is a very basic right, ensure your organization offers this benefit before you join.


Why A CT Scan Is Better Than An X-Ray

If you have any internal problems like a pain in your spines or in your chest, when you visit a doctor the very first thing your doctor would ask you to do is get an X-ray done. An X-ray is nothing but a radiography technique that takes images of your body that cannot be seen with the naked eye. You are asked to stay still while the X-ray machine passes radiations through your body that prints the image on a thin film. This thin film can then be seen against the light to determine where the problem lies within your body. X-ray is not a timeworn invention but has revolutionized the medical field nevertheless. It is the most used imaging technique today in the medical field, and many a problems have been detected as well as treated every day with the help of X-ray.

What is Computed Tomography?

The above is a brief description of what is X-ray and now to understand how CT scan is better than X-ray, you need first to know what a Computed Tomography (CT in short) scan is.


Computed Tomography is a modern imaging technique that is the amalgamation of X-ray along with computerized mechanisms. Incorporating computers with the X-ray technique ensures much better image quality and also cross-sectional as well as more comprehensive images. For getting a CT scan done too, you would have to be motionless. But unlike X-rays, you would need to lie down on a table whereby you would be moved slowly inside a cylindrical chamber. The X-ray machine would then slowly move all around you to take pictures from all directions. The end image would be a combination of all these images.

How is CT scan better than an X-ray?

Computed Tomography scan is a more sophisticated and more developed form of X-ray that provides a clearer picture of the internal organs. With CT scans, these days it is much easier to detect any tumors or any kinds of problems inside the body as well as get the precise location of the problem as well. While X-ray would give you an idea of what exactly is wrong, and the location where it is wrong inside your body, a CT scan would tell you the exact location and the exact kind of problem you have. A CT scan examination is a much better way to study the internal organs, tissues, tumors or any outside objects that needs to be operated on or needs to be brought out of the system.

Hence, from small and regular problems, most doctors recommend an X-ray, if the problem is bigger and more complex, a CT scan would be a better way for detection of any internal problems. Usually, a doctor would suggest X-ray first, since it is not only cheaper but also simpler. But if an X-ray is not enough, a CT scan would surely help in diagnosing the problems. Being computerized and more advanced, as well as a modernized version of X-ray, CT scan is better than X-ray for diagnostic purposes.

Should I Trust The Staff At A Teaching Hospital?

With the world growing more and more business minded every day, even the medical field is becoming a business. There was a time when a hospital meant just a place where doctors and nurses offered treatments for various diseases. But today there are not only hospitals where doctors offer treatments, but also in medical clinics, private nursing homes and so on. And hospitals are also not just places where you get treated for your ailments anymore. Today the hospitals and private nursing homes are nothing short of luxurious five-star resorts with all the modern amenities provided along with all comforts that you can ever ask for.

With all these different types of treatment centers, it is good to know the kinds of medical centers there are such that you can choose one quickly when you need one.

Types of hospitals


Like it is mentioned above there are various types of treatment centers all over the world. There are hospitals, medical clinic, urgent trauma care centers and nursing homes. But among hospitals too there are different categories, and it would do you good to know about the different types of hospitals.

The different kinds of hospitals are government hospitals, general hospital, specialist hospital, community hospital and teaching hospital. While in most cases the general hospital, government hospital and community hospital is the same place with different names, there can be differences too. For instance, a government hospital receives aid from the government and hence the charges are much less than a general hospital, which is a private place. A community hospital, on the other hand, is run by some charity organizations and hence is free more often than not. A teaching hospital is entirely different from the others though, read on to know more.

What are teaching hospitals?

Teaching hospitals are those where you learn about the medical field i.e. where you study to become a doctor or a surgeon. But it is not a college since teaching hospitals offer treatments to patients. But most people do not believe staffs at teaching hospitals since there is a common misconception that the staff at teaching hospitals are still in the learning stage and hence are not full doctors. It is, however, a misconception. The reason is since many fully qualified doctors join as staff in teaching hospitals to research on drugs or treatments of various ailments. You cannot only fully trust the staff at a teaching hospital but would be able to get entirely new and modern treatment facilities that are not yet in the market.

Of course, a new experimental drug or treatment would not be applied on you if you do not permit it. Hence, there is no need for any worries. If you give the permission than only an experimental treatment would be used. You never know you can even get a new completely healthy life with that experimental treatment, although if you have been dying from a supposedly incurable ailment.